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Ireland 2050

The urgent issue of Climate Change is the biggest reality check that has ever challenged the future of humanity. Our behaviour can make a real difference. This project aims to bring the issue to our peers through social media channels and highlight the problems along with the difficult choices we must all face about our future. "Ireland 2050" is a new website which uses a "My 2050" facility to quantify the emissions resulting from every possible energy choice we make. This website empowers users to choose different energy options and evaluate their climate change impact. As a class group we were chosen to nationally launch this website.By clicking on the words "Lets get Nifty with Ireland 2050", here you can see how we harness the power of social media to focus our generation's attention on the vital role we all have to play in securing the future well being of our planet and develop a collective culture of working towards a better future for all.

 Best of luck to the TY students taking part in the National All Ireland Final of the Young Environmentalist Awards in Dublin on the 23rd of May 2017

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