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Ashbourne Community School is now an established school in Co. Meath with a well developed tradition of service to the students attending. We commend our staff and students for the history of results in State Examinations which have been well received by parents and students. In the majority of subject areas, these remain well above the national average. The following Mission Statement which reflects the ethos and values of the school community was formally accepted by the Board of Management at the end of the school year 2003/04.


Mission Statement


  • Our school is a place where we foster such values as respect, inclusion and care as evident in our school policy and practice.

  • Ashbourne Community School is a partnership of students, staff, parents and guardians, Board of Management and our local and global communities. We value the on-going input of all these partners in the life of the school.

  • We pursue academic excellence while recognising the diversity of our student body. Through a relevant curriculum, designed to meet the needs of all, we endeavour to help all students realise their potential.

  • Through positive staff and student relationships and a broad extra curricular programme, we aim to develop in each student a confident, healthy self-image and a sense of personal, local and global responsibility.

  • We recognise that each student's personal and spiritual growth is important.  We endeavour to co-operate with parents and guardians and religious leaders of all faiths to encourage the development of religious and spiritual values in each student.



School Ethos

The Board of Management of Ashbourne Community School has regard to the principles of a democratic society and respects and promotes respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society while it also upholds and is responsible for upholding the characteristic spirit or ethos of the school. The ethos of the school is outlined in the mission statement of the school. 

The Board of Management of Ashbourne Community School is supportive of the principle of inclusiveness in particular in regard to students with a disability or another Special Educational Need in so far as is reasonably practicable and subject to the resources provided by the Department of Education and Science. The range of classes taught includes support programmes for students with a disability or other special educational needs. Parents/Guardians are invited to look at our SEN model of provision as outlined in our SEN policy.

Ashbourne Community School has a policy of having a maximum of 30 students per class with a maximum of 24 students per practical class. The Board of Management reserves the right to maintain reduced numbers in some Junior Cycle classes for the benefit of special needs students in mixed ability classes. Likewise the Board reserves the right to maintain reduced numbers in some senior cycle programmes.

Religious Ethos

Ashbourne Community School is a designated Community School, which is multi denominational as per deed of Trust of Community Schools. This means that the school will seek to provide religious instruction and worship in accordance with the rites, practice and teaching ethos of the religious denomination to which a pupil belongs. 

‘The NCCA Religious Education programme forms part of the core curriculum in our school.  In addition to RE classes and throughout the school year, the school may schedule occasional Worship Events.  Students & parents/guardians are advised of these events in advance. Should a parent/guardian or student wish to opt out of any of these events using the process outlined in the Deed of Trust for Community Schools, they should  request such withdrawal in writing to the Board of Management.’

The Chaplains serving currently are Mr. James McCauley & Ms. Frances Gildea.

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