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Work Experience TY/LCA/LCVP.


One of the main aims of TY/LCA/LCVP is to prepare the students for adult and working life. Students in TY/LCA in Ashbourne Community School engage in 1 full day of work placement every Friday (both TY and LCA) of the school year, with the first placement commencing on:

  • Friday 6th September 2024 for LCAs.

  • Friday 13th September 2024 for TYs. TYs will also do a week long placement from Monday 16th-Friday 20th December 2024. 

  • Please note that LCVP work experience takes place on the 3 days before the February midterm begin – Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th February 2025.

It is the student's responsibility to find a placement of value in an area that interests them from a career point of view. An extension of a part-time job is not suitable. Community involvement and volunteering in an organisation are also encouraged as an appropriate work experience work opportunity.  

A timetabled class once per week will be used to help monitor and evaluate work placement in addition to offering guidance.  

  • Please note that 25% of the overall accreditation for TY Certification is awarded for work placement, based on a weekly assessment of their work placement diary in the TY Journal and the completion of the host employer's report. 

  • Please note that 13% of the overall credits for LCA Certification is awarded for work placement, based on a weekly assessment of their work placement diary in the LCA Work Experience Folder and the completion of the host employer's report.

  • Please note that 21% of the portfolio marks for LCVP is awarded for the typed work experience diary.

Students must register their work placement via the Programme Coordinator, Ms Mathews, by completing the Work Placement Summary Sheet. Students should also complete the relevant work placement section in the TY Journal or LCA Work Experience Folder. LCVP students complete a 5 page typed diary under specific headings on their return to school after work experience.  

For TY students, there is also the possibility of 2 week long placements if students manage to get unique or exceptional placements, where the business or organisation can only facilitate week long placements, perhaps during set weeks, e.g. Gardai, labs in colleges, hospitals, etc. Students will be marked as school business. Students should be mindful that they will be missing classes, possible credits (credits are 50% of final TY award for assignments completed in classes) and activities/events during these weeks. This week long placement must be APPROVED IN ADVANCE by Ms Mathews. Students will be marked absent if their week long work placement is not approved in advance.

IMPORTANT: The placement MUST be school approved, otherwise it will not be covered by the State Indemnity Insurance.


Before you go on Work Placement

  • Register your placement by competing the Work Placement Summary Sheet and returning it to the Programme Coordinator, Ms Mathews.

  • Fully complete and process the necessary Garda vetting forms (CloudSchool document bank and/or by email) if required (see guidelines in work placement information pack).

  • Learn as much as you can about the company where you are working.

  • Make sure you have all of the necessary documentation completed.

  • Listen carefully to the guidance from your coordinator/tutor.

During the Work Placement

  • Dress appropriately for the type of work to be done.

  • Always be on time.

  • Have a positive attitude.

  • Listen carefully to all instructions given to you.

  • Carry out all tasks to the best of your ability.

  • Inform the employer and the school immediately if you are unable to attend work placement.

  • Complete the work placement diary and ensure that both the employer and parent/guardian sign the work placement form.

After the Work Placement

  • Make sure that the employer completes the employer evaluation information in the TY Journal, LCA Work Experience Folder or LCVP Work Experience Evaluation Form.

  • Complete the student evaluation pages in the TY Journal or LCA Work Experience Folder.

  • LCVP students should type the 5 page diary under the specific headings on their return to school.

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