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Various websites where Parents/Guardians can access information and support:- 
A guide to cyberbullying:-                                            
Various webinars and courses for parents               

Mental Health course for parents                               .

How to care for yourself as a parent                          
Parentline is a national, confidential helpline that

offers parents support, information and guidance on

all aspects of being a parent and any parenting issues. 
Parenting during COVID-19                                          
Lots of parenting tips                                                    
Variety of teenage issues                                              

Lots of resources on parenting                                    

Suicide and self-harm, advice and contact numbers


Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE)

The webpage is for teenagers most importantly, but it is also for parents, teachers and youth workers, to help them in talking to teenagers in their care about relationships and sex.

The HSE Sexual Health Crisis Pregnancy Programme (SHCPP) is a national programme with responsibility within the HSE for implementing the National Sexual Health Strategy 2015 - 2020 Ireland’s first national framework for sexual health and wellbeing.

Click on image below to view and/or download information booklet
BodyWhys - Eating Disorders - A Resource for ParentsGuardians.JPG
Parenting Positively - Helping teenagers cope with BULLYING.JPG
Parenting Positively - Helping teenagers well-being - for parents of teenagers.JPG
Busy Buddy - Booklet re puberty & adolescence for you and your ParentsGuardians.JPG
Parenting Positively - Helping teenagers cope with DEATH.JPG
Coming Out - A Guide For Parents.JPG
Parenting Positively - Helping teenagers cope with DOMESTIC ABUSE.JPG
Working Together to  make a difference for children - Information for Parents - NEPS,DES.J
Uniquely ME - A Parents Guide to Building GIRLS CONFIDENCE.JPG


Parenting Positively - Helping teenagesr to cope wtith a Parent's Problem Drug or Alcohol
Parenting Positively - Helping teenagers cope with SEPARATION.JPG

Parenting24seven is part of the Supporting Parenting project in Prevention Partnership and Family Support programme within Tusla.

You can choose your child’s age range or look through our different articles.

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