Junior Cert

Irish, English, Maths, History, Geography, CSPE, SPHE, Religion and Physical Education


German, French, Spanish, Business Studies, Science, Art, Music, Home Economics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Graphics.


Junior Cycle students study four of the option subjects.


The Board of Management reserves the right in relation to the above programmes to decide on the numbers entering each programme on an annual basis.

Leaving Cert

Subjects offered at Leaving Certificate: 

English                            Irish                   Mathematics     
Religion                           P.E                      S.P.H.E                 

Optional Subjects: 

Art                            Accountancy                 Biology 
Business                  Chemistry                     Construction Studies 
Economics               Engineering                  French                             
Geography                German                         History          

Home Economics    Music                            Physics       



Leaving Cert Vocational Programme (L.C.V.P)


This is a senior cycle programme, which students may take along with the traditional Leaving Certificate.  It is designed to give a stronger vocational dimension to the leaving certificate, with a special emphasis on preparation for the world of work and enterprise.  It was introduced in the school in 2003-04 and there are presently 2 LCVP classes in both 5th year and 6th year.


      The programme is currently offered to students in two formats:


1.       To those students who do not wish to do a language option at LC level and take LCVP as  a 7thsubject

2.       To those students who wish to take the LCVP as an eight option, in addition to their 7 leaving Cert subjects.


The requirements for LCVP as outlined by the DES are as follows:

·         LCVP students must take a minimum of 5 leaving cert subjects

·         Two of these must be from the designated vocational subject groupings

·         Students must study two link modules, preparation for the world of work and Enterprise Education.

·         A LC modern language or an ab-initio course in a modern European language or a vocational language module.   


Admission Criteria :

·         Only students with the designated subject groups can be considered for this course.

·         Student’s motivational ability will be considered before their acceptance onto the programme.

·         School attendance and past student record (behaviour/application to work) will be considered.  

·         Each application will be considered on its own merit.

·         An interview may constitute a vital part of the selection procedure.

·         Late applications may not be considered.


A fee is requested at the beginning of the 1st year of the programme to meet the costs of the programme. This covers such expenses as visits to work places, visiting speakers, photocopying etc..

Leaving Cert Applied (L.C.A)


This is a two-year Leaving Certificate Programme available to students who wish to follow a practical or vocationally orientated programme and involves a new approach to education, where students apply their knowledge and skills to practical tasks at school, in the workplace and in the wider community.  This course is offered as an alternative to the traditional Leaving Certificate and allows students to develop a wide range of social, personal and practical skills. The programme curriculum is designed to support the individual needs of the child and was introduced to the school in 1998/1999.  Currently there is one 5th year class and one 6th year class.


 Admission Criteria

·         Preference will be given to students who are aiming to pursue
     an apprenticeship, certain PLC’s or immediate employment

·         Preference will be given to students who studied foundation 
     level subjects for the Junior Certificate or followed a reduced 
     timetable for the Junior Certificate.

·         School attendance record will be considered.

·         Student’s record of behaviour and application to work will be 
     considered.  Practice has demonstrated that in some cases 
     challenging behaviour in fact may be best managed in a 
     traditional setting. An applicant may be refused if behaviour 
     record is considered to be detrimental to the order, discipline 
     and educational welfare of the other students joining LCA.

·         That enrolment of the applicant in the Principal’s opinion is not 
     considered detrimental to that child’s continuing education.

·         Each application will be considered on its own merit.

·         An interview may constitute a vital part of the selection 

·         Late applications may not be considered.

·         To enrol for 6th year LCA the student must have completed 
     the required work and reached the required attendance for 5th 

Transition Year (TY)

This is a one-year programme offered to students on completion of the Junior Certificate Programme. It was introduced in the school in 1996/97 and is optional.

The aims of the programme are:

• To prepare students for senior cycle.
• For students to experience different subjects.
• To develop teamwork.
• To encourage students to become more independent.
• To introduce students to a wide range of cultural
and sporting activities.
• To prepare students to become responsible members of 

It is designed to help students:

• To develop their academic and technical skills.
• To enable students to be more mature, make better 
decisions, be more innovative & responsible. 
• To prepare students for the world both inside and 
outside school. 

All students follow the core subjects listed below:

English, Irish, Maths, Language (French, German, Spanish) ,
Business Studies, ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence),
Physical Education, Religious Education, Life Skills, Science. 

In addition the students choose a number of options from the list below:

Home Economics, Wood Technology, Drama, Horticulture Japanese, Chinese,
Music, History (“The Wild West”), Art, Film Studies, Sport Studies, Stain Glass. 
Provision of activities and subjects is subject to resources and annual review. 

Admission Criteria

• Consideration for admission to TY will be given on the 
basis of the applicant’s age and pastoral need (self 
development, recommendation of tutor)
• Students who have difficulty with study and readjustment 
may not be considered suitable.
• Commitment to extra-curricular life of school.
• Discipline Record.
• Attendance Record.
• Flexibility and adaptability.
• Each application will be considered on its own merit.
• An interview may constitute a vital part of the 
selection procedure.
• Late applications may not be considered.

The Board of Management reserves the right to decide on the numbers entering each programme on an annual basis.