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To the Host Employer:-


We wish to thank you for considering facilitating a work placement for a student from Ashbourne Community School.  The work placement will provide our student with valuable experience of the work environment and help him/her gain practical experience, assist their career choices and build their industry skills.  The school community is deeply appreciative of the opportunities provided.

Please see the 'Work Placement Summary Sheet' available to download from this page/from the student which contains key details relating to the placement including:-

A.    Student details

B.    Parent/Guardian details

C     School contact details.


You should complete  sections 'D.  Host Employer Details' and 'E. Placement Details' of the Work Placement Summary Sheet and return a signed copy to the school directly via the student.

Please download the guidance on the work placement programme in the Host Employers Guidance Leaflet and Insurance
(State Indemnity Confirmation Statement) below.

Áine O'Sullivan,

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