In Art,Craft,Design you will have the opportunity to create images and objects using a variety of tools, materials and special equipment.To understand Art, Craft,Design it is important to make things yourself so that you learn and understand by doing.


Have a look at the Junior Cycle Factsheet below where incoming 1st Year students & their parents can learn more about the subject. 



Every year a group of our 6th year Art students work hard on a mural for their graduation. In conjunction with our Art teachers they have produced some stunning pieces over the years as you can see in this gallery.


On graduation day over the past number of years, students have signed their names on the murals. These murals hang proudly on the walls here in Ashbourne Community School and are a reminder of all the students who have passed through our school.

Art Trips


In ACS the Art Department have organised a number of Art Trips over the years.


In 2007 teachers and students visited Italy and in 2009 they had a fantastic trip to Paris. The last two trips were both to London in 2011 and most recently this year, 2015.


The common feature though all the Art trips both at home and abroad is the outstanding behaviour of our students. They are always a pleasure to travel with and over the years new friendships have been forged and great memories made.