Parent/Teacher Meetings - Monday 20th March, 2017.


1st Year classes:       10.20 am – 12.35 pm

2nd Year classes      13.20 am – 15.35 pm

You are invited to attend to discuss with teachers your son's/daughter's progress in all aspects of school life.  I hope that it is a positive experience for you and your son/daughter, although everyone here appreciates that it can be quite an anxious one.


How to request appointments:-


You should logon to the link below:

and input

School Roll Number =  91495T

Student ID =                This unique number has been sent home in a letter via student.

When you logon, it is important to check with your son/daughter that the teachers listed on screen are correct. 
It is essential that the teachers' names are accurate at this stage, as it prevents unnecessary appointments being scheduled and ensures that you have the opportunity to see the correct teachers. 


Please complete the priority column inputting number 1 beside the teacher you most wish to see and then 2, 3, 4, 5 and so forth.  As some teachers teach a large number of pupils in this year group, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests.    

It is essential that you input your choices on screen and save the changes


no later than Sunday, 12th March, 2017.

Should you have any difficulties/queries in this regard, please contact Madeleine in the school office at 01-8353066


On Monday 13th March, we will close off the system to Parents/Guardians in order to commence the scheduling of appointments.   


We will then advise you by text when details of the times of your appointments will be available online for you to view (using the same website link and logon details above).   It is recommended that you take a screen shot of the PT meeting appointments on your phone.

Each appointment is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes, but should you have a significant concern, and a longer discussion is required, it would be more appropriate for you to arrange a separate meeting with the relevant teacher or with the Tutor or Year Head. 

The Principal Ms. O’Sullivan, Deputy Principal, Ms. Duffy, Careers & Guidance Counsellor Ms. Rahilly and Chaplain Mr. McCauley will be available throughout the meeting, should you require to speak with them. 

Áine O'Sullivan,


In the event that neither Parent/Guardian is available to attend the meeting, please email Madeleine at or phone the school at 01-8353066 so that you can be excluded from the generation of appointments.