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LCVP (Leaving Cert Vocational Project) is a Senior Cycle Programme designed to give a strong vocational (practical) dimension to the Leaving Certificate (established). It combines the virtues of academic study with a new and dynamic focus on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community. Students taking the LCVP have the opportunity to develop their interpersonal, vocational and technological skills. These skills are equally relevant to the needs of those preparing for further education, seeking employment or planning to commence their own business in the future. This Leaving Certificate subject can be chosen as an extra subject or instead of a language. 

LCVP Key Dates 


  • LCVP Work Experience - 5th Years 

  • Wednesday-Friday 3 days before February mid-term

  • LCVP Portfolio Deadline - 6th Years 

  • First Wednesday in March 

  • LCVP Written Exam - 6th Years

  • First Wednesday in May (10.00 am-12.30 pm)

LCVP Requirements

Students taking LCVP must have:


1. At least 5 Leaving Certificate subjects, 1 of which must be Irish plus the 2 Link Modules of LCVP (Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education)

2.  2 of the Leaving Certificate subjects must be selected from one of the designated Vocational Subject Groupings (below)

3.  A recognised course in a Modern European Language other than Irish or English

Vocational Subject Groupings (VSGs)

2 subjects are selected from 1 of the Vocational Subject Groupings. These subjects provide students with a focus for developing vocational skills and exploring their career options. The Specialist Groupings consist of subjects which complement one another naturally. The Services Groupings comprise subjects which complement each another in a commercial context. A student must "fit into" at least 1 of the subject groupings listed below. 


Vocational Subject Groupings (VSGs) 2016/2017

Specialist Groupings

1 Construction Studies; Engineering; Design and Communication Graphics; Technology - Any 2
2 Physics and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or Design & Communication Graphics
3 Agricultural Science and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or Design & Communication Graphics
4 Agricultural Science and Chemistry or Physics or Physics/Chemistry 
5 Home Economics; Agricultural Science; Biology - Any 2
6 Home Economics and Art - Design Option or Craft Option
7 Accounting; Business; Economics - Any 2 
8 Physics and Chemistry
9 Biology and Chemistry or Physics or Physics/Chemistry

10 Biology and Agricultural Science

11 Art - Design Option or Craft Option and Design & Communication Graphics

Services Groupings

12 Engineering or Technology or Construction Studies or Design & Communication Graphics and Accounting or Business or Economics
13 Home Economics and Accounting or Business or Economics
14 Agricultural Science and Accounting or Business or Economics
15 Art, Design or Craftwork Option and Accounting or Business or Economics
16 Music and Accounting or Business or Economics

53 students across 3 classes completed their LCVP Link Modules programme as part of their Leaving Certificate in 2018 in ACS. The students achieved brilliant grades, with 9 Distinction Grades (5% above the national average). The portfolios (60% of the final mark) that students submitted were of an excellent standard. A bigger emphasis was placed on preparing for the written exam (40% of the final mark) from 5th Year with this group, as students often think it is all about the portfolio. The LCVP results did benefit many students for points, which is great. The fact that 77% of our students received a Merit grade is brilliant (25% above the national average). What is also positive is that 94% of our students got a Merit or Distinction grade, which is a grade above 65%. We are satisfied to have above the national average for Distinction and Merit grades and to have no unsuccessful candidates yet again, in that all students passed. LCVP is a great subject for all abilities but particularly beneficial for those who struggle with written exams. 

LCVP 5th Year Work Experience 
Work experience took place successfully from 7th-9th February 2018. It is the least disruptive time of year to have 5th Years missing 2 and a half days of classes, just before mid-term. A small number of students who did not want to miss classes, did their work experience over February mid-term or at weekends. Students secured a variety of placements in businesses and voluntary organisations in Ashbourne and the surrounding areas. A big thanks to all those who take on our students on work placements – it is very much appreciated.  

•    SVP Appeal 2017

From November-December 2017, for over 2 weeks, Ms Mathews’ 5th Year LCVP classes organised the St Vincent de Paul Ashbourne Food and Toy Appeal as their enterprise group task. A big thank you to Keogh's Farm for their kind donation of 15 boxes of crisps for the SVP Appeal. Much appreciated. John O'Sullivan from SVP Ashbourne filled a large van to the roof with the donations from Ashbourne Community School – the biggest collection to date. Anne Moore from the Ashbourne Senior Citizens Group collected 14 hampers for the local senior citizens. Between a Christmas Jumper Day and Carol Service, €2000 was raised by the students, staff and parents of ACS for SVP Ashbourne! The students learned valuable life and business skills through their involvement in this enterprise activity including teamwork, communication, motivation, report-writing and practical skills.


Finally, I extend my sympathies to the O’Sullivan family, on the passing of John. I have worked closely with John in the last few years through LCVP, and the SVP Food and Toy Appeal. He has accepted our Non-Uniform Day cheque and spoke at assemblies when collecting it. He has visited my LCVP classes every year, to speak about his voluntary work and SVP. My current 6th years are honoured to have been the last group of ACS students to work with John for SVP. I will miss him greatly and appreciate all the work he has done for ACS and SVP. May he rest in peace. (Caroline Mathews)












•    1st Year Charity Soccer Blitz 2018 
On 18th May 2018, Mr Howlin's 5th Year LCVP class organised a charity soccer blitz for 1st Year classes in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation as part of their LCVP Enterprise Task. The students were divided up into teams, made a list of jobs, divided up these tasks and carried them out to plan, organise and run the event. They also acted as referees and managers of the teams. Overall, it was a very enjoyable event and experience for all the students. In total, they raised €272 for the charity. Well done to all. 

LCVP visits in 
LCVP visits in were organised for both 5th and 6th Year classes. They included visits from Russell Bailey (La Bucca Restaurants), Tadg Riordan (Tadg Riordan Motors), John O’Sullivan (SVP Ashbourne), and Neil Lacey (SVP Educational Officer). Hearing about the businesses and voluntary organisations from those involved, helps the student to grasp the business concepts better. It gave them information to use in their written exam. They also provided material for LCVP portfolio items











LCVP visit out 
On Wednesday 25th April 2018, the 5th Year LCVP classes visited the Chocolate Warehouse in Walkinstown for their LCVP Module talk, demonstration and practical workshop. The students really enjoyed this active learning activity. What is great about this business, is that they cover many of the Specific Learning Outcomes of the LCVP course throughout the visit – making it very relevant to what is being learned in the classroom. 

LCVP Russell Bailey.jpg
LCVP 2017-18
LCVP 2016-17

LCVP visit in by local entrepreneur, Tadg Riordan

On Wednesday 28th September 2016, Ms Mathews 5th and 6th Year LCVP classes welcomed successful local entrepreneur, Tadg Riordan of Tadg Riordan Motors to their LCVP class as a visit in activity. On Monday 13th March 2017 Tadg again visited ACS, this time to speak to students in Mr Newman’s 5th Year LCVP class. Tadg talked about everything from apprenticeships to self-employment, health and safety to customer service, entrepreneurial skills to marketing. All relevant for the LCVP modules (Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education) and Business course. The students actively participated by asking and answering questions. Some students completed an action plan for their LCVP portfolio before the visit in, while others completed a summary report after the visit in, for their LCVP portfolio. We thank Tadg for giving up his time to visit ACS, as he has done for many years. Many of our students have completed work placements in Tadg’s business and gone on to work for the business. We value our links with local businesses and community organisations.

Ms. Caroline Mathews, LCVP Teacher

A busy year for LCVP students 2015-2016 


The LCVP class of 2016 completed their 6 piece portfolios (60% of their final mark) by early March 2016, including a 5 minute recorded interview. They sat their final exam (40% of their final mark) in early May 2016. We are very proud of the standards we have set for LCVP in ACS and we continue to strive to keep our grades well above the national average. Almost 80 students chose to study LCVP either as an extra subject or instead of a language in 5th Year this year – 4 is the biggest number of classes we have had in ACS since LCVP was introduced here in 2003. 5th Years have worked hard all year on their portfolio items, as well as covering the 2 Link Modules of Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education.


In December 2015, one 5th Year LCVP class organised the St Vincent de Paul Ashbourne Food and Toy Appeal as their enterprise group task. In April 2016, another 5th Year Class organised a pink themed bake sale to raise funds and awareness of the work of the charity, Aoibheann’s Pink Tie Children’s Cancer Charity, as their enterprise task. For their local business investigation, 5th Year students planned, organised and evaluated a visit out to the local successful businesses of Tayto Park in May 2016. The students had a guided tour of Tayto Park, the zoo, the theme park and the Largo Foods factory. Ms. Jessica Harley, Education Officer at Tayto Park, covered a lot of relevant information in the classroom presentation. Included in this was a general history of the company, factors of production, quality, corporate social responsibility, use of technology, marketing, product development and advertising. Students also had free time in the Theme Park. The students thoroughly enjoyed their educational day at Tayto Park and were a pleasure to bring there for the day. 

Revised points for LCVP Link Modules from 2017  

LCVP is a Common Level subject. 60% of the final mark is based on a portfolio of 6 pieces of work, with the final exam (taken early May of 6th Year) being 40% of the final mark. There are 3 grades as follows:


  • Distinction Grade (80%-100%) - 66 points

  • Merit Grade (65%-79%) - 46 points 

  • Pass Grade (50%-64%) - 28 points 

Top 6 results from your Leaving Certificate are used to calculate your CAO points.

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