We are four sixth year students who are proud to represent Ashbourne Community School as the Head students for the school year 2018/2019. It is our aim to work with the staff and students to improve the school's learning environment and the overall atmosphere in the halls of ACS. Through regular communication with both staff and students, we will try our very best to solve any issues that may arise during the year and enhance the relationships between pupil and teacher. We are the internal and external ambassadors of the school and we aim to provide a positive public profile for the school and overall community. We will lead by example showing the students that the more you put into your school years, the more enjoyment you get out of it. We try to push the students to get involved and do the very best they can. We are very pleased to been chosen to represent our school and we hope we do the roles justice.


Head Boy – Eoghan Corry

Head Girl – Fadilah Salawu

Deputy Head Boy – Ryan Monahan

Deputy Head Girl- Hannah Keogh