"What Change Can We Make?"

A short documentary that follows the students of Ashbourne Community School as they challenge us to look at our lifestyle choices and to make small changes to tackle our overuse of plastic that is destroying our environment.














Well done to TY student Jessie, and 5th Year students Temi and Christopher on this brilliant video as their entry in the Young Reporters for the Environment Competition.... the story of toothbrushes.

How to organise a waste free run.


This list is by no means definitive but it worked for us;


1. Meet with the organising committee to discuss the possibility, advantages and logistics of a waste free race.


2. Inform all competitors/participants of the reasons behind making their race waste free and how this will work in practise. (sample email attached).


3. Depending on the length of you run, the number of water stations planned and the number of participants, order biodegradable, compostable cups. (we found the 60 ml size perfect).


4. The club got sponsorship for fruit at the end of the race, with oranges and bananas being particularly popular.


5. At race registration have sticky labels and marker pens ready. As each participant collects their race number, take their reusable water bottle and label it with their race number. These bottles need to be moved to the finish line during the race, where each runner then will get their medal, their own bottle back and fruit if wanted.


6. The water stations along the race route will hold biodegradable, compostable cups full of tap water. The tap water we transported in water storage containers. The club sourced these from members who lent them for the day.


7. To clean up we used large compost bags and collected up all used cups and fruit peels for composting.


The simplicity of this plan makes it very adaptable to a variety of situations, from summer camps to competitions. I did not find a “green” solution to the race numbers with embedded chips to register each competitors time. These were not biodegradable. That is the next challenge!

ACS Mannequin ChallengeA group of our TY students are involved with the Ireland 2050 Energy Saving project which aims to have a debate about Ireland's energy future. Seewww.ireland2050.ie for more information.

To promote ACS' involvement, the group put on a fantastic mannequin challenge. Thanks to former students John McGovern & Peadar O'Briain for the videoing and excellent editing!




All 1st Year students are invited to attend our Green Schools Action Day this Friday in the Mezzanine for a double period during the school day.


As we are highlighting our role as “Global Citizens”, all students are invited to wear their colours that represents them best in this role. That could be colours from their national flag, their national football team or whatever item of clothing that represents best where they come from.

There is no charge for this event, but we do source a lot of our material through Trocaire, and will be sending a school donation to them for Easter. If you wish to contribute, it would be really appreciated.

On 25th February 2016 our Green School Committee attended the Green Schools Expo in the RDS. We got lots of new ideas as we work for our sixth Green Flag, Global Citizenship; Litter and Waste. Uachtarán na hÉireann, Michael D. Higgins, presented an inspiring speech on the power of young people in caring for our environment.

Green School Committee 2015-2016

Ashbourne Community School have a very active Green School Committee for 2015-2016. We are working towards our sixth Green Flag, which is an amazing achievement. Our first big event for this year was a Bin-It workshop. Following the success of our team, the ElectrASHians, in reaching the national final of the One Good Idea competition last year, we have entered a team again this year, so watch this space! We will also run clean-up and anti-litter events and we hope to introduce a re-usable school water bottle to cut down on our plastic waste.


Bin It Workshop

On Friday 4th of December, all 174 1st year students participated in the brilliant “Bin It” workshop in the mezzanine of the sports hall.

The activities involved the students undertaking a visual journey from their favourite place, a clean healthy environment, to a dirty, littered, and uncared for location. For most, this wasn’t a difficult activity as they had encountered such places in their own life journeys.

The workshop encouraged everyone to take responsibility for their own actions and to not follow the crowd but think as individuals. These photographs capture the atmosphere and outline the experience that students had at this event.

Well done to the “Gum Litter Task Force” for their very clear message to us all.