Admissions Policy and related policies and documents

Current Admissions Policy ratified by Board of Management on 10th October, 2014 and other related documents/policies available to view/download.

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[ Attendance Policy ratified 13th November 2013 ]


The Board of Management of Ashbourne Community School set down its enrolment policy as required by the Education Act, 1998. The Board hopes that this policy will assist parents & students in their choice of school and in respect of admissions and enrolment issues. The school welcomes queries from parents in respect of applications and the operation of the school.
Any queries arising from the Enrolment policy should be addressed to:

The Chairperson, Board of Management or to The Principal, Ashbourne Community School.

Parents are advised to telephone in advance to arrange an appointment when seeking to meet school personnel.
This policy will be reviewed by the Board of Management at appropriate intervals.

Contact details for the school
Ashbourne Community School,
1 Deerpark, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.
Telephone: 01-8353066
Fax:            01-8353083

The Education Act 1998
Ashbourne Community School is a recognised school under the Education Act 1998, (section 10) and is provided with staff in accordance with the teacher allocation system of the DES. The school has a full complement of staff inclusive of Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, Tutors, Subject Teachers, Learning Support and Resource Teachers, Guidance Counsellors, Chaplain and Special Need Assistants together with Administrative and Maintenance Personnel.
The school operates in accordance with the regulations as set down from time to time by the DES and is dependent on the resources provided by the DES. Accordingly, school policy and expenditure must necessarily have regard to such resources and funding. Ashbourne Community School follows the curricular programme set down by the DES in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act 1998.

School Ethos
The Board of Management of Ashbourne Community School has regard to the principles of a democratic society and respects and promotes respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society while it also upholds and is responsible for upholding the characteristic spirit or ethos of the school. The ethos of the school is outlined in the mission statement of the school.
The Board of Management of Ashbourne Community School is supportive of the principle of inclusiveness in particular in regard to students with a disability or another Special Educational Need in so far as is reasonably practicable and subject to the resources provided by the Department of Education and Science. The range of classes taught includes support programmes for students with a disability or other special educational needs. Parents/Guardians are invited to look at our SEN model of provision as outlined in our SEN policy.
Ashbourne Community School has a policy of having a maximum of 30 students per class with a maximum of 24 students per practical class. The Board of Management reserves the right to maintain reduced numbers in some Junior Cycle classes for the benefit of special needs students in mixed ability classes. Likewise the Board reserves the right to maintain reduced numbers in some senior cycle programmes.

Religious Ethos
Ashbourne Community School is a designated Community School, which is multi denominational as per deed of Trust of Community Schools. This means that the school will seek to provide religious instruction and worship in accordance with the rites, practice and teaching ethos of the religious denomination to which a pupil belongs.
Religious education is delivered in the school for those who wish to avail of it. Pupils whose parents wish to have them withdrawn from religious education classes should schedule a meeting with the school chaplain should request such withdrawal in writing to the Board of Management.
The Chaplain serving currently is Mr. James McCauley.

Uniform/Dress Code
The Parents, Staff and Students of Ashbourne Community School have worked together to design the school uniform. This is set out in the Uniform Policy which student and parents/guardians are required to sign on admission to school and thereafter each year. We are proud to have a uniform, which identifies and distinguishes our students. It is understood that students choosing to enrol in the school accept that the full school uniform (including plain black shoes) must be worn during the school day and to and from school.